In the day and age where lean inventories and Just-in-Time deliveries dominates the supply chain you want a product on your shelf. Instead of panic you feel relieved knowing you are using Precision Graphics Inc. as your Electronic Manufacturing Solutions partner. Over the past 45 years we have built our supply chain to be proactive and ready to manufacture your product at a moment’s notice; ensuring that you and your customer’s needs are always fulfilled.

Supply Chain Solutions

With our excellent relationships with global suppliers we have been able build a supply chain that not only fulfills your needs and product demands, but also reduces costs and scheduling difficulties. Whether it be obsolete parts, delivery schedules, or rapidly changing market demands, our supply chain has the solutions to support your products.

Supply Chain Solutions:

• Component Consignment Systems

• Safety Stock Programs

• Logistics Management

• Blanket Order Systems

• Local and Global Supplier Partnerships


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