Precision Graphics Inc. provides our customer with a comprehensive array of printed circuit board design and layout capabilities. Having been founded as a Design and Layout business, our roots are in ensuring that your assemblies not only meet your design needs, but also providing timely execution and enhanced time-to-market. Servicing many different industries, such as medical, consumer, defense and industrial electronics, our Design/Artwork team has accumulated a broad range of expertise and experience which enables our customers to reach their deadlines quicker and turn their ideas into a reality.

Design and Layout

With Precision Graphics Inc. being a leading manufacturer in the Product Realization Process we understand the challenges to get from prototype to production. One of those solutions when working with our Design and Layout Department is allows companies respond to a ever present problem: the opportunity to influence the cost of new product is greatest early in the life cycle of a product. With over 60+ years of combined experience, our Design and Layout Department can help to guarantee that your product is designed for efficient manufacturing.

Our Services Include:

• Schematic Capture

• Component Footprint Capture

• PCB Design/Layout

• Mechanical Design

Our Capabilities Include:

• Single sided PCB

• Double sided PCB

• Multilayer PCB

• Rigid/Flex PCB

• Mixed components/double sided designs


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