There are vast differences in costing every different project. During our 45 years in business we have developed costing methods that keep component and manufacturing costs low no matter the size and scope or the project. Our sales staff has the knowledge to assist you in making sure your product meets not only the functionality of the design, but also help to develop the product in the most cost effective manner.

Costing Evaluation

When working with our sales team during the costing process a number of questions may be asked regarding the product. This takes place for several reasons. The main reason for these questions though is to reduce cost. Over the years we have developed innovative ways to save money in the manufacturing process and if we see something in your design or product where we think costs can be saved we will pass that recommendation and savings off to you.

Part of our strategic plan to lower manufacturing costs has been our investment in state of the art machinery. Our use of the latest technologies means we can place components at a much higher rate, lowering our manufacturing costs immensely. The design of surface mount components into an assembly allow us utilize our investments in machinery making products quicker and for less.


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